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We deliver innovative solutions and fresh ideas to finance, acquire, and develop niche real estate assets.

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"As property developers, we offer a long-term commitment to the growth and prosperity of the assets in which we invest."


With our exclusive focus on healthcare and community resort development, we have an unobstructed view of this rapidly evolving industry that enables us to provide unique perspectives to our clients.


When partners invest with Newport Holdings, LLC they do so with the knowledge that our experience in real estate development, combined with skilled local operators, will help earn them attractive investment outcomes.


Structured Development Financing is an increasingly important part of our business strategy. In each of our projects we provide flexible preferred equity debt financing. 


Trust and integrity have been the hallmarks of how we do business and approach our partnerships. Our approach to doing business helps to bring us investment opportunities where we can add value in partnership with others who share our outlook.


We use our knowledge, combined with our specialist property skills, to find creative and entrepreneurial investment opportunities that enable our teams to create value for our investors.

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Meet the Team

Neil Richardson

Neil Richardson is the founder and President of Newport Holdings, LLC. Mr. Richardson is an experienced and accomplished executive leader, entrepreneur and business owner with a solid background of orchestrating the start-up, evolution, growth, and optimization of diverse businesses. 

More than 30 years of finance, land acquisition, and real estate development experience, along with enthusiasm and tenacity have made him a valuable asset to Newport Holdings. His detailed approach, and strong financial background, makes him the perfect leader and team developer for our Project. He has put together a group of tested financiers, lawyers, architects, engineers, vendors, and property managers to ensure the success of each project. Prior to his engagement with Newport Holdings, Mr. Richardson held a senior position at Westmont Development, LLC, and was the founder of NR Homes, Inc. 

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